AIM 4170C Antenna Analyzer

When shopping for a ham radio antenna analyzer or arial analyzer as some call it, it is goodo to consider the AIM 4170 Antenna Analyzer. Before buying it though, please review some of the details about the AIM 4170 antenna analyzer. Those are listed here below. Antenna analyzers can be very useful when building ham radio antennas. I know that often times I would construct an antenna by doing the measurements correct and cutting the feedline to the right length only to get high SWR on my antenna. A good quality arial analyzer can help you get a low SWR and that can make your time on ham radio more enjoyable. You can purchase antenna analyzers from a variety of places and you can spend little or lots of money on them. I haven’t seen too many antenna analyzers though that cost less than several hundred dollars. That may be a bit discouraging but it’s a great tool to have. I have purchased my equipment before from Ham Radio Outlet. They have several locations around the country and have very good service. The AIM 4170C Antenna / Lab RF Analyzer has many features from a small box. Here are some of them:

  • SWR referenced to any impedance
  • Resistance and reactance at the cable input
  • Resistance and reactance at the antenna terminals
  • Resistance and reactance of discrete components
  • Return loss
  • Reflection coefficient
  • Cable length
  • Cable impedance
  • Cable loss
  • Distance to fault (open or short)
  • Smith chart display
  • Quartz crystal parameters

I think some of the valuable ones for beginners are calculating the cable length and the cable loss. SWR is key but sometimes we don’t realize how much is lost on cable resistance. A Smith chart display can be very handy as well. (For more information see You can also read the reviews here