Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer Review

This is a review for the Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer. When you buy something from Palstar, you are buying a product from a good company. Palstar’s customer service is very good and their quality is good as well. Many people I know speak highly of Palstar and their products. The Palstar ZM30 Antenna Analyzer is no exception.

Here are all the technical specifications on the Palstar ZM30 ( . The main reason to get an antenna analyzer is to help tune your antennas. So in my mind, you want that piece of equipment to have a good working range of signals to work with and good attachment points on the analyzer so that you can hook up your antenna easily.

One thing I like about this model is that you can plug it in the wall or run it off of batteries. That’s a very nice feature. Usually signal generators will run down on power quite a bit. It takes a good amount of energy to gererate signals for reading. One analyzer I built chews through batteries.

The other thing I like about this antenna analyzer is that it is not priced out of reach. That is always a plus. The controls are easily managed in the front. They give you almost an IPOD type control knob for frequency adjustments. All in all, a very good product.